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Gold Coast, Australia: December 2, 2009

The emergings book, by Suzie Cheel, is a meditation on the emotions of change: it combines original watercolor paintings with a poem by the author.




  • A new book, emergings, by artist, blogger, Law of Attraction coach and author Suzie Cheel is subtitled “a meditation on the emotions of change”.
  • Created twenty one years ago by Suzie when she was navigating a major career change, the book combines an extended poem on change with original watercolor paintings.
  • Inspirational Life Coach and editor of Authentic Times, Rain Fordyce described emergings as “a beautiful book to share with people of all ages”.
  • Published by Suzie Cheel and The Webarts Company, the book can be purchased online at the Blurb website.

emergings by Suzie Cheel, published by Suzie Cheel and The Webarts Company Pty Ltd, is available online from Blurb at this link (note: there is a free preview of the first 15 pages).

Prices:  Hard cover $39.95 Soft cover $25.95 plus freight




A one minute audio message from Suzie:

Video: Suzie talks about the emergings book

The full story: The book that waited twenty one years to be published

A new book, emergings, by artist, blogger, Law of Attraction coach and author Suzie Cheel is subtitled “a meditation on the emotions of change”. Created twenty one years ago by Suzie when she was navigating a major career change, the book combines an extended poem on change with original watercolor paintings.

According to Suzie Cheel, her newly published emergings book might not have seen the light of day if it had not been for a challenge she was given by Bob Doyle of The Secret and Wealth Beyond Reason fame.

After all, many years had elapsed since Suzie created emergings, combining verse and paintings to describe the emotions of change. Back then, the process of creatively working through the concept was what preoccupied her. The idea of publishing the work as a book was not part of her plan at the time. And clearly it was not a priority for many years, until now.

Not that there has been any shortage of people suggesting and encouraging her to take the book to the wold. According to Suzie, many people in various walks of life who have seen the book have encouraged her to publish it. “I thought about it a lot,” Suzie said, “but it’s the old story: there was always something else I was doing at the time that took priority.”

Then, during Bob Doyle’s Boundless Living Challenge course which Suzie took earlier this year, participants were asked whether they had some project on a shelf or in a drawer, something they had been meaning to do.

For Suzie, it was a no-brainer. It was time for emergings to emerge! She would get the book published and she would achieve that with the 45 days allotted for Bob’s Boundless Living Challenge.

So far, so good. Then “reality” set in. How was all this going to be achieved, especially in such a tight timeframe? Suzie decided to apply her philosophy about creating art works: enter an exhibition or contest and meet the deadline. Sleep would be optional. And the deadline she set? “I was going to BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas and announced that I would launch the book there,” Suzie said.

There was no time to find a publisher, so Suzie would be her own publisher and would use the services of print-on-demand company Blurb to bring her work to the public.

Just a month and a half later, Suzie arrived in Las Vegas for BlogWorld Expo and the first printed copies of the book were delivered the next morning to her hotel: just in time for her friend Liz Strauss, of Successful Blog fame, to officially launch the book (see video below).

There was still some work to be done. “Even after the official launch, which for me was very important as it meant I had met my goal,” Suzie said “there was more to learn, more to do, so as to be able to have the book as fully available as I could manage. And now it is ready to roll.”

“There has been a lot of learning along the way, but I don’t regret a moment of it. And I’m delighted with the response the book is getting. I’m especially pleased that people seem to be responding to it as a book for both men and women, and for any age group. I love that some people say it would be a great book to read and show to children. And as a gift!”

emergings by Suzie Cheel, published by Suzie Cheel and The Webarts Company Pty Ltd, is available online from Blurb at this link (note: there is a free preview of the 20 pages).

Prices:  Hard cover $39.95 USD Soft cover $25.95 USD plus freight



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What Others Are Saying About emergings

Suzie’s “catalyst mentor” Bob Doyle:

I love it! And the paintings are beautiful! Every single one!

Liz Strauss of Successful Blog, who launched the book in Las Vegas, said:

Suzie Cheel’s book will carry you through it like light and water. The words will draw you through the gentle and piercing thoughts of life being lived and the colors that surround it. You won’t notice that you’re reading, because you’re not – you’re listening to the softness of another person’s thoughts.

Rain Fordyce, Inspirational Life Coach and Editor of Authentic Times said:

Emergings is an artfully created book about the reality of the steps of transitions of our lives. The words and artwork gently resonate with the emotions of each stage, perfectly validating our doubts, fears and confusion as we emerge into a new stage of becoming who we are. A beautiful book to share with people of all ages. Suzie has an authentic voice and fills these pages with honesty, heart and wisdom.

(More testimonials below)

Contact information:

Suzie Cheel

Phone: 61 411 694 709

Skype: suziecheel

Twitter: @suziecheel

Email: suziecheel@gmail.com

Video – the official launch of emergings by Liz Strauss at BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2008, Las Vegas

More testimonials

Bill Vick of Xtreme Recruiting, was skeptical at first:

When I first picked up “emergings” I had mixed feelings that this was “one of those flashy, hidden message books” that was long on promise but short on delivery.

What I found was an exciting and motivating book that lives up to its name. As I read the poems and looked at the pictures that accompany them I had my own emerging experience and both felt the message as well as experienced the author’s emotions, wisdom and feelings. What an incredible experience. This is more than a book – it’s an experience and one you’ll find yourself returning to again and again.

The graphics are exceptional and the poetry conveys emotion and wisdom.

For Jenny Mannion author of How I Used the Law of Attraction To Heal Myself of Chronic Pain, the book was more a “work of art” than just a book.

I was amazed at how effortlessly she combined her inspirational words and beautiful paintings to flow perfectly. It is a joy to read and I found myself going back through SEVERAL times. It is something I want to share with others and would make a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

EFT Wizard and author of The Key to Success, Brad Yates, wrote:

“emergings” is a wonderful little vacation from the “real” world. I felt compelled forward by the story – both in the text and the paintings. It’s delightful even as a treat, but the truth it tells makes it so much more. I look forward to revisiting it, and sharing this with others.

Annette Pedersen, Law of Attraction Ambassador, said:

“Emergings” is comforting, both visually and emotionally. A peacefully contemplative journey into the self-discovery and growth process that anyone can truly relate to.

Suzie has found a way to take us on that journey of discovery with beauty and compassionate wisdom.

Dr. Debbie Thompson - Chiropractor, Energy Healer

Suzie so eloquently captured how “Life” flows from one moment to the next. The creativity and brilliant colors of her art inspired me to embrace my own life in a brand new way…embracing each moment…taking step by step. Suzie’s work is truly an inspiration.

Rich German, author of Living the Law of Attraction, said:

Suzie Cheel’s mission is to inspire others and help them find their joy. As you find your joy, you play your role in expanding the consciousness of the planet so that we all have more joy in our lives. Each of us is an artist with a blank canvas in front of us. Just as Suzie expresses her art through this book, you too can express your soul by the way you live your life. Create your own masterpiece!

Patricia Schiavone, Teacher and Editor, was pleasantly surprised:

I read your book Emergings and I was surprised by its beauty! You have written a very different book. And, wow, you do express yourself very fluently with paintings.

I liked the poem very much. It says what you wanted to say and, very important, it leaves space for the reader to think, to evaluate, to compare, at the time you guide him through the road you want him to go.

You have made a book that is beautiful for the mind (thought-provoking) and beautiful to the eyes, as watching those colorful paintings full of expression is a pleasure. It’s also super easy to read and while reading it one feels that is witnessing your journey of growth.

Julie Hart, Psychologist, The Hart Centre

What a beautiful creation, Suzie.

A gentle lyrical unfolding of the process of growing into a deeper self awareness, and the changes that need to happen in order to facilitate this.

It leaves me with a softness and openness, and an acceptance of what is, along with a feeling of connectedness with all others, and an openness to be willing to change.

It is absolutely beautiful!

Ellie Walsh – Law of Attraction Life Coach

Reading Suzie Cheel’s book “emergings” is like having a strong, gentle hand outstretched to you as you travel on the highway of life. Her authentic words and illustrations prod you into your own soul of your own emerging journey.

This is not a book you read once – it calls you back to re-read and re-experience… And each time you do so – a new depth is discovered.

Thank you Suzie for sharing your insight and wisdom with us all.

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